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Alternative Energy Supplies & Electric Bikes (or Tricycles!  (Please email us for product & prices)

Products & Diversions for Country Living & general merchandise

These leather mocassins!

The most comfortable shoes in the world!! Available Now!!

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Leather Backpack-Amazing!-Good Quality

Gardening Supplies

Tools-Seeds-Toys Etc.

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Mendocino Homestead . com

Musical Toys & Serious Instruments

Kilts Are Here!!

We have fantastic handmade Tartan utility kilts!! Perfect for wearing around the house, working or for events or outings***

We have lived in the woods for Years!

Our farm is an old homestead from 1892-in a very remote area of N. Calif

Bruce Clark signature Blues Harp!

Available in 2 keys A & C (more later!)

Video also soon!! * Hot tone!!

​​​​We will have Garden Tools,  Art Supplies, Food preserving, general merchandise, Musical instruments, Apparel, Jewelry, & Craft supplies.

Plus Handmade jewelry, Gemstone Material, Handy homestead items. Wool products. Etc

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Also interesting articles & tales!!


Handmade jewelry by Bruce! Custom or 1 of a kind    Available now-email us!

Living in the middle of nowhere can be amazing-Being in tune with animals, trees, water, etc.

It can also be challenging!

You have to keep from being bored, lonely, & just too much quiet time to stay mentally & emotionally healthy.

The real answer is to just keep busy with work-hobbies-& some bit of a social life, just to keep from going NUTS!!

Aside from all of the work it takes to live off the grid, raise food,

make money etc-You need forms of entertainment & hobbies or projects.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-  From years & years of living like this

we have a lot of ideas & experiences to share.

This website is devoted to tools, music,art, hobbies, etc.

Generally things you either need or can find useful in everyday off the grid life.

I am an artist & musician with many years of professional experience in the music & art world from an out in the hills perspective.

My wife is a gardener, grant writer,animal nut, & an all around

brilliant maniac, whom I love dearly!!!!!!!!!!!!