These real leather moccasins are AMAZING!! I have been wearing the pair on the left for over a year! They are absotutly the most comfortable shoes ever-Great hard rubber soles well sewn & they LAST! $50.00 + Shipping (includes tax)  Indicate size when you pay (paypal note)

Indicate size in paypal note

Himalayan Mukluks-100% wool & leather asstd colors $14.00 + shipping includes Tx S,M,L         Warm!!!!!

Check this page in a couple of days (after Jan 4, 2019)

We are posting many products in the next week or so!


Indicate size in paypal note

Heavier & better for everyday work & wear-8 yard 16 oz.-My favorite

Kilt Hose (65% wool,25% polyester,10% acrylic)  WARM!

$10.00 + Shipping-Includes tax

Other Tartans are Available-Email us!

Buy these with your kilt & no charge for shipping

Mendocino Homestead . com


$71.00 + Shipping (tax is included)    In Blackwatch Tartan

Baja Shirt acrylic-cotton-polyester- $17.00 + shipping-Includes tax

Comfortable Homestead


Really nice quality handmade leather backpack 17" X 12" x 5"

$48.00 + shipping (includes tax)    

Nothing like wearing a kilt! Around the house-In the shop-In the garden-Out on the town 

Regular utility kilts w/pockets

6 yard 13 oz. Acrylic-Wool Machine Washable

These kilts can be worn for everyday use-When they getdirty-throw them in the wash!

Measure your waist circumference size at the Belly button level-This is where kilt is worn.

Men's 24" length-Ladies 21" length     All kilts In Blackwatch Tartan

$58.00 + shipping (tax is included)