Musical Instruments-Peruvian Pan Flute-Drums-Ukuleles-Blues Harp-ETC- Fun & Entertainment at the homestead.

2 sizes-Details soon!


Serious Instuments, Toys, Equiptment -etc

Ocarinas-Hand painted

African Thumb Piano (Kalimba)

Mahogany (real fun & serious instrument)  $40.00 + shipping (includes tax)  

Handmade "Laiersi" Quality Mahogany Soprano 21"Ukulele W/ Geared tuners-

Beautiful Tone & Built to last!

New Website--We will be selling many wonderfull Musical Products-

Stay Tuned !!!!!!!!

Mendocino Homestead . com

I developed this Blues Harp.

It was based on being lucky enough for 50 Years of playing & recording with some of the best!!   *Killer tone* Great reed response*

African Djembe in 8" & 10"

Price up soon! (Today or Tomorrow)

Mendocino Homestead

Bruce Clark signature Blues Harp

Available Key of A or C {Best For Blues & Folk}

All keys soon!   email us   $28.00 +    

                                       Shipping (includes tax)